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Defensive driving practices can help avoid being in a wreck

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Defensive driving is a personal strategy that has served many drivers well since the concept was introduced years ago. It can be especially useful in urban areas and on highway systems when in congested driving scenarios. One of the primary reasons it was created and advanced as safe driving technique is hopes of reducing multiple vehicle accidents that can happen at a moment’s notice anywhere. Here are a few tips to remember when driving in Florida where straight roads abound and traffic can get heavy quickly.

Maintain extra distance behind a vehicle

One of the biggest problems with congested traffic is the proximity that many drivers maintain with a vehicle in front of them. Also known as “tailgating”, it is a factor in many multiple vehicle accidents. Additionally, it is important to keep even further space between your car and the vehicle in front when it is raining, which is a common and often quick developing event.

Observe the speed limit

The flow of traffic also contributes significantly to auto accidents, and many times congested traffic is also moving at least at the speed limit if not beyond. This happens for a variety of reasons, but the primary reason is that so many drivers think that the limit is the suggested driving speed. Actually, driving slightly under the limit is advsiable, and especially in congested traffic.

It is also a known fact for all drivers that the morning and evening commute is a time of high stress on the highways. Leaving early on daily routines and running errands is a good practice because it limits the amount of time in congested traffic situations, and altering routes can be a good idea as well.