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Truck drivers deal with fatigue

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Truck drivers could become tired when moving cargo in and through Florida. Fatigue has multiple causes and, in some cases, can lead to accidents.

Fundamental points about drowsy truck driving

Drowsy driving shares similarities with drunk driving, as a tired driver might not be able to concentrate on the road. A lack of awareness and perception increases the risks of an accident since the driver’s concentration and cognition suffer. The driver’s reaction time may slow, making it harder to avoid accidents.

A truck driver could become so exhausted that he or she falls asleep at the wheel. Once the driver passes out, a tractor-trailer travels without an operator and will likely cause a devastating crash.

Rules exist to reduce the potential for fatigued driver accidents. The law mandates that drivers take a break after 11 hours behind the wheel. Some drivers may outright ignore the rule, and their employers might look the other way. Such behaviors open doors for a negligence suit if an accident happens.

Additional notes about fatigued truck drivers

Drivers could become tired for several reasons. A mild sickness might sap someone’s energy and induce fatigue. Driving in such a condition may raise the odds of becoming involved in motor vehicle accidents. Remember, even a slight cold could be enough to undermine someone’s concentration and reaction time while driving.

Drugs and alcohol may contribute to excessive tiredness. Someone who consumes several beers is not likely in any condition to drive and could face criminal charges for doing so. Drunk and drugged drivers cause accidents frequently, and they could face civil lawsuits for any harm they inflict.

Driving while fatigued may leave someone liable for injuries regardless of why the driver felt tired. Anyone who puts others at risk could be negligent for injuries they cause.