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Slip and fall accidents are common at hotels

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Slip And Fall Accidents

Whenever someone stays at a Florida hotel while on vacation or a business trip, they expect things to be uneventful. Unfortunately, slip-and-fall accidents resulting in serious injury are common accidents among guests. Certain factors contribute to these accidents occurring.

The severity of slip-and-fall injuries at hotels

Slip-and-fall accidents can leave victims reeling from serious personal injury. Each year, around 7 million people go to the emergency room after such accidents while around 36,000 tragically die from their injuries. Slip and falls in showers and tubs account for many of those serious injuries.

Injuries can also range in severity from mild lacerations to moderate such as broken bones and severe, catastrophic injuries like traumatic brain injury or spinal trauma.

Causes of slip and fall accidents in hotels

There are many factors that can lead to a slip-and-fall accident at a hotel. Uneven or dirty floors rank as one of the leading causes. This can be due to loose or tattered carpeting, food spills or surfaces that are in disrepair.

Any wet surfaces can cause a slip-and-fall accident that results in serious injuries. Accidents often occur when a floor is wet from mopping, when poolside areas are made with unsafe materials or when tub or shower floors are overly slick and lack slip-resistant safety measures.

Areas with poor lighting are a recipe for disaster as anyone can suffer a slip and fall when they can’t see. Hallways, stairways and parking lots can be particularly dangerous. Obstacles, missed stairs and other hazards can cause a person to fall if the lighting is inadequate.

Any of these situations can dramatically change a person’s life. Hotel managers are obligated to keep their property safe for guests, so if a slip-and-fall accident and injury occur, they might be liable.