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The causes and symptoms of a spinal cord injury

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Serious Injuries

One of the most devastating injuries any Florida resident can sustain is spinal cord damage. This type of injury can impact your life in significant ways. These are a few causes of spinal cord damage and its symptoms.

Understanding spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries occur when any portion of the spine or the surrounding nerves has suffered damage. Sometimes, these injuries are permanent and result in normal functions once taken for granted being difficult or even impossible to perform. However, physical therapy may help people live healthy, productive lives.

Causes of spinal cord damage

Spinal cord damage can occur in a number of ways. Two of the most common causes include motor vehicle accidents and falls. People of varying ages can suffer spinal injuries upon the impact of a crash when a harsh blow impacts any portion of the spine. Older adults and very young children are more susceptible to sustaining the injury through falls.

Any type of sport that involves contact can also cause spinal cord damage. Acts of violence, particularly those involving gunshots or stabbings, can also lead to injury.

Symptoms of spinal cord damage

The specific symptoms that occur in a spinal cord injury depend on the portion of the spinal cord affected. However, the injury can be considered complete or incomplete. With a complete spinal cord injury, the damage affects all ability to control motor function. An incomplete injury is one that has some motor function loss while the person retains function in other areas.

Tingling, numbness, weakness and paralysis are common symptoms of spinal cord damage. Muscle spasms, loss of sexual function, loss of bladder and bowel control and even breathing difficulty can occur.

Even if they seem minor, spinal cord injuries require immediate medical attention. It’s the only way to know your status and whether you might recover.