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Are you unknowingly breaking Florida’s distracted driving law?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving in Florida includes more activities beyond texting and driving. You might unknowingly do one of these types of distracted driving. Anything that causes you to take your mind or hands off of the wheel is a distraction and could cause you to have some level of liability in an accident.

Types of distractions

The types of distractions while driving are manual, visual and cognitive. Some instances of distracted driving may consist of one or more types. If you take your eyes off of the road to send a text message, you’re engaging in all three forms of distractions. Manual is taking a hand or both hands off of the steering wheel. Visual is glancing away from the road, even for a few seconds. Half a second can make the difference between avoiding vehicle accidents or not. This is especially true at higher speeds when your vehicle covers more distance per second.

Checking GPS

Checking your GPS is also a distraction because it takes your eyes and attention off of the road. You should rely on voice directions or memorize each step before you come to a stop sign or red light.

Other common examples of distractions that people don’t realize are illegal

Tending to children in the backseat, eating, drinking, adjusting the music and talking to passengers are all forms of distracted driving. Most people still don’t realize that these activities decrease one’s safety on the road. You can share the new information you learned with your loved ones to implement new car rules.

Many drivers unknowingly break Florida’s distracted driving law because they grew up with certain activities like eating and changing the music while driving is commonplace. Any activity that takes your mind or eyes off of operating your vehicle safely are distracted driving.