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Problems with plumbing are the main reasons for water damage in a home. Although in many cases, it is easy to spot a leak, when the pipe bursts or presents a crack inside a wall, it may take months or even years for the damage to become apparent, and by then, the problem might have jumped from something that could have easily been fixed to something major. Other sources of water damage are leaks from appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, or dishwashers, aging water heaters that burst, or extreme weather events such as floods or hurricanes.

Dealing with the damage and realizing that your insurance is not responding as you expected because they are denying or delaying your claim may be too much to handle at once. Call the water damage lawyers at Charles Injury Law, and get the legal help you need to get the compensation you deserve.

Examples Of Water And Flood Damage Claims

Whether an incident related to water damage is covered or not depends on the source of the damage, whether the damage happened accidentally, if it was sudden or presented itself gradually. Let your water damage attorney from Charles Injury Law, walk you through the legal maze of denied claims. Here are some examples:

Gradual Damage

Generally, water damage that happens gradually such as when a cracked pipe slowly releases water behind a wall, floor or ceiling or seepage through the foundation, or damage that originates in the roof and slowly endangers the property’s structure or causes mold in a wall will not be covered by a homeowner’s policy. However, since this is true in most – but not all – water damage cases, you will need to go by the wording of your own policy since there may be some exceptions. Don’t tackle this alone: a Charles Injury Law, lawyer is there to help you, even if what you are dealing with is mold-related water damage.

Sudden Damage

There are cases where the damage to the home is sudden, such as when a tree falls on the house during a storm and water rushes in. In those cases, your claim will most likely be approved. However, even after the repairs are carried out by contractors approved by your insurance, sometime later you may notice the characteristic smell of mold coming from the recently repaired area. You may have an issue here if the insurance company decides that the mold is the result of gradual water damage. A water damage attorney from Charles Injury Law, can help you navigate through this intricate process to make sure you get the coverage you are entitled to.

Distinguishing Initial And Secondary Damages

In water damage cases, there is a fine line between initial damage and resulting damage. As an example, your washing machine replacement may not be covered, but the water damage to walls and floors may be. Once again, your water damage attorney from Charles Injury Law, may be able to help you understand the intricacies of your policy to get the compensation you deserve.

Water Damage Insurance Claim Process

Most homeowners are unsure as to where to begin to file a water damage claim. Depending on the terms stated in the insurance policy, you must follow certain steps when filing a claim. No matter the size or source of the water damage, the first thing you must do is notify your insurance company. Most likely, you will be asked to take action to prevent further damage. This means cleaning out the excess water, safeguarding items that have not been damaged, tarping a roof when needed, boarding up any windows or doors to prevent further water intrusion and more until the adjuster can come to your house and assess the damage.

Before the cleanup and putting things out of harm’s way, make sure to document the damage as it occurred. Take pictures of everything that happened and, if necessary, write down the way things developed. Having this may come in handy when dealing with your insurance.

What Should You Do If Your Water Damage Claim Is Denied?

Becoming familiar with the terms of your policy is a very important first step to understanding why your water damage claim might have been denied. Find out if floods or gradual water damage are covered. It helps if you have a well-maintained home and your appliances and systems work as they should. However, even the most meticulous homeowner can suddenly face water damage due to a burst pipe or a storm. If this happened to you, start the claim process immediately.

If you are informed that your claim has been denied, start by requesting an explanation of their decision. If you are not satisfied with the reasoning behind the denial and believe the damage should have been covered, a water damage attorney from Charles Injury Law, is ready to help you with your claim. We are prepared to negotiate with your insurance when your claim has been denied, delayed or undervalued because we are familiar with the tactics that insurance companies employ to reduce or deny payment. We have a team of expert negotiators and litigators standing by. Our water damage attorneys will work aggressively to settle your claim in your favor. We work on a contingency basis with no out-of-pocket costs to you. Schedule an initial consultation today and let’s get started!