The Difference Between Trip and Fall and Slip and Fall

By Steve Charles on March 19, 2021
A Slip and Fall represented by a stick figure

It may seem like we’re splitting hairs here, but there are a couple of significant differences between slip and fall and trip and fall cases. Of course, most of these differences lie in the legal aspect of things.

What is Slip and Fall?

Let’s say that you were strolling through one of the shelves of your grocery store, and there happens to be a broken jar of jam on the floor. Since you’re busy scanning the products along the aisle, you step on the jar and somersault down the floor. While cursing the grocery store for your pain, you also call an ambulance to tend to your injuries. This is a classic example of what is known as a slip and fall case.

Simply put, a slip and fall case revolves around the idea that a homeowner, business, or landlord failed to keep the floor of their property safe from hazards that could cause you to slip and fall.

What is Trip and Fall?

Trip and fall cases are slightly different. Now let’s take you back to your grocery store to explain the difference. Now you’re strolling through the same aisle on the next day where an employee cleaned up all the mess but forgot to pick up the mop from the ground. Again, you’re too busy sifting through the isle, and you trip on the mop and fall.

This short story is a classic example of a trip and fall. Similarly, a trip and fall could also occur on an uneven sidewalk or from an object sticking out from the ground.

Legal Differences

Even though the difference between the two may seem small, your slip and fall lawyer in Fort Lauderdale will tell you that the injuries caused in either case are very different. Depending on the pace of your movement, slip and fall cases tend to cause injuries to the spine, neck, or head. Tip and fall cases, on the other hand, usually have the victim brace their fall because they typically fall forward. In either case, victims should keep their medical records up to date, especially if they plan to sue the business/person responsible.

In addition, should any of the two scenarios unfortunately happen to you, make sure to request that the business record the incident, take photos and video of the area of your injury I possible with a smartphone and obtain the names, telephone numbers and addresses of all witnesses or at least try to remember their description. All of these are bound to be relevant to your case – whether you slip and fall or trip and fall.

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